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Maydi Frankincense from Somalia (Boswellia frereana)

Boswellia frereana - Grade 1 (Maydi Mushaat)
Boswellia frereana - Grade 2 (Maydi Mujarwal)
Boswellia frereana - Grade 3 (Maydi Fas Kabir)
Boswellia frereana - Grade 4 (Maydi Fas Sakir)

This legendary frankincense is typically harvested in the rocky, mountainous areas of Somalia. 

Available in four grades: ranging from large to small pieces.

Latin name: Boswellia frereana

Harvest location: Somalia

Scent: citrus notes with nuances of pine, pepper and musk

Detailed information

Maydi is known as “the king of frankincense”, partially owing to its striking shape and color. In fact, some insist that the three kings didn’t bring gold to the baby Jesus at all; rather, it was “golden Maydi frankincense”. Whatever the truth, Maydi frankincense deserves its regal title and we love its unique scent.

The special thing about Maydi frankincense is that it contains almost no gum. Frankincense is an oleo-gum-resin, meaning it consists of essential oil, gum and resin. The less gum a frankincense contains, the easier it is to burn. It melts immediately and burns beautifully on a frankincense burner. Another advantage is that the frankincense can be chewed for hours without disintegrating; Maydi makes for the best chewing frankincense.

The disadvantage is that this frankincense breaks very easily, which is why we offer it in four sizes or grades:

Grade 1: Mushaad / Mushat
Grade 2: Mujaarwal
Grade 3: Fas Kabir
Grade 4: Fas Sakir / Saqir


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