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Dakkara Frankincense from Kenya - Boswellia neglecta

Dakkara frankincense from Kenya is a rather unknown resin and there’s debate about whether it’s really from a frankincense tree. When harvested, the tree gives off a light resin, although it’s dark when the tree has been injured. We offer both.

Fresh Dakkara is sticky on the inside and exudes an intense, spicy, almost camphor-like scent. The essential oils have a calming effect.

Latin name: Boswellia neglecta

Harvest location: Kenya

Scent: spicy, fresh, balsamic

Detailed information

The botanical name of Dakkara frankincense hints at its relative obscurity: Boswellia neglecta (neglected). We source our Dakkara incense sustainably from the Samburu people in Kenya. If the tree bark is injured by natural influences or beetles, the tree reacts by producing a sticky, dark resin. From a healthy tree, you can harvest a light resin that is completely different from the dark resin in color, smell and texture.

Truth be told, we believe that the Boswellia neglecta is a hybrid rather than a pure frankincense tree. Supporting evidence shows no boswellic acids found in the resin. The “Commiphora confusa” tree produces a comparable resin with a similar smell. No matter what kind of resin it is, the scent is truly incomparable. When the incense is burned, it gives off an intense, spicy, almost camphor-like scent. Its effect is calming and cleansing.


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