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Frankincense from Somalia (Boswellia occulta)

The Boswellia occulta frankincense grows in the Sanaag area of Somalia and is an exceptional variety that was not previously commercially available. This frankincense is currently only available as a mixed grade, so it consists of big, beautiful pieces, bark and small tears.

Latin name: Boswellia occulta

Harvest location: Somalia

Scent: bitter, fruity, unique aroma

Detailed information

Boswellia occulta is not really a new species of frankincense, as it has been harvested for thousands of years. Anyone who has burned standard Boswellia carterii from Somalia has likely come into contact with Boswellia occulta as well. When the harvest season begins in Somalia, many thousands of trees are harvested, including the Boswellia occulta trees. The occulta frankincense is then mixed with the carterii frankincense and cleaned in one of two large Somali sorting plants before finally ending up in our hands.

As the two tree varieties differ in appearance, botanist Anjanette de Carlo recently analyzed the frankincense, naming the novel tree Boswellia occulta. When we learned of the distinction, we worked to ensure this “new” frankincense is harvested individually to isolate its unique properties.

Well, what’s so different about Boswellia occulta then? This question is answered immediately after burning it or trying it for the first time: it is extremely bitter. This is due to the methyl ethers, which are found in abundance only in this and no other frankincense.

We will be researching frankincense intensively over the next few weeks and will keep you up to date on our findings!

Note: As this is the first time this frankincense has been offered to customers, it has not been sorted and cleaned to the standard of other varieties. As a result, each order consists of tears as well as small tears and pieces of bark.


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