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Hagar, Xagar Bisabol - Commiphora erythraea

This resin of the Commiphora erythraea tree is also known as Opoponax, just like Commiphora guidotti. 

Latin name: Commiphora erythraea

Harvest location: Somalia

Scent: sweeter and more balsamic than the Hadi Opoponax

Commiphora erythrea

Commiphora trees are far more abundant in Somalia than frankincense trees. Another popular type of Somalian myrrh is called Opoponax.

Two myrrh resins are traded as Opoponax: Commiphora guidotti (Opoponax Hadi) and Commiphora erytrea (Opoponax Hagar).

The Hagar myrrh is also known as sweet myrrh or bisabol.


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