Boswellia dalzielliI
Burkina Faso
Boswellia dalziellii from Burkina Faso
In contrast to Boswellia dalzielii from Nigeria, there are no large quantities of frankincense coming from Burkina Faso.

Nevertheless, we always have a limited amount of this special frankincense in stock.

Botanical name: Boswellia dalziellii

Place of Harvest: Burkina Faso

Scent: intense aroma, lemony, fruity, balsamic
Harvesting frankincense is a difficult job, requiring perfect organization to execute. Burkina Faso is very hot and the harvest is not well coordinated as the demand for this variety is low.

We only import the Janawhi incense Boswellia dalzielii in small quantities of 50 - 200kg. We’re grateful for the opportunity to offer you this special variety.

The Boswellia dalzielii frankincense from Burkina Faso is similar to the same variety from Nigeria, but the scent profile is slightly different.

While the Nigerian strain is fresh and minty, the frankincense from Burkina Faso has a slightly more balsamic and fruity smell.

We hope you enjoy this rare offering from Burkina Faso.