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Cedar resin from Sibiria - Pinus cembra sibirica

Stone Pine resin is very special indeed. It’s very sticky, making it a little tricky to work with. But the smell it gives off when burned is simply divine.

Latin name: Pinus cembra sibirica

Harvest location: Siberia

Scent: spicy, woody, slightly lemony

Detailed information

Stone pine has been a popular tree for years, perhaps owing to its place in the Anastasia books or the increasing research into its calming effects. The stone pine has a variety of names: Swiss stone pine, arbe and sometimes cedar. While the stone pine comes primarily from Austria (Pinus cembra), the stone pine resin is largely harvested in Siberia (Pinus sibirica cembra).

Similar to the balsam trees that produce frankincense and myrrh, coniferous plants also release resin when their bark is damaged. This resin is then harvested, dried and sorted.

Stone pine resin has a high proportion of essential oils, sometimes between 15–20%. The scent of the resin is very intense, spicy, woody, and also a bit lemony.


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