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White Sage (Salvia apiana)

White Sage is a plant from North America with a long history of indigenous use as medicine and as a spiritual purifier. 

Latin name: Salvia apiana

Harvest location: USA

Scent: clear, refreshing, spicy, sweet

Detailed information

White Sage (Salvia apiana) originated on the West Coast of North America, with striking, silvery leaves.

The Native Americans consider it a sacred medicine. White Sage is more aromatic than the European sage variety (Salvia officinalis).

Current use of White Sage

In the Sun Dance ritual, White Sage is chewed to quench the thirst. It’s also relied upon for healing and cleansing ceremonies, in addition to sweat lodge rituals. Native American peoples swear that White Sage keeps negative energies away.

Women are usually recommended to refrain from using White Sage during their menstrual period.

Medicinal use of White Sage

Sage is well known as a cough remedy when brewed as a tea. It is also used against night sweats, inflammation of the gums and diseases of the intestines. In gynecology, sage is renowned both as a remedy for infertility and as a contraceptive. One of the more important active substances is called “salvin”, which is particularly important for the medicinal effects of this plant. Because of its many uses, the monks of the Middle Ages held sage in high esteem.

The legend of the silvery color

According to tradition, a poor girl wanted to offer a sacrifice to the White Bison Woman, but she had only a handful of weeds to offer, which she had picked by the roadside. However, the girl’s faith was pure and strong, so the brown weeds on the altar took on a lovely silver color, becoming the beautiful White Sage we know today.

White Sage as Incense

The scent of White Sage when burned is clear and intense, with a soft, slightly sweet aspect.

The burned leaves are said to cleanse and repel negative energies, beneficial for cleansing your aura. You can use White Sage to dispel heavy, burdensome energies.

Psychological burdens and negative feelings are also said to be released by this bewitching plant.

White Sage is also used clear the air of bad smells.


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