Mothers Goods

Sacred Scents from Mother Earth

About Mothers Goods

It all began in 2009 when my book Energetic House Cleansing became a bestseller and our incense mixture of the same name gained increasing popularity.

In the beginning, I outsourced production of the incense mixture, because I had no interest in building up a trade for incense. I was an author, after all, not a trader.

But the blend we received was of poor quality — the raw materials were neither sustainable nor fresh.

And so I started to import the raw materials for the incense mixture myself from natives to the land, in the highest quality and above all, sustainably.

Little by little, I began to offer customers the incense that I used myself. It took me years to find reliable traders and farmers in the harvesting countries who shared the same ideology and love of nature that I have.

Only when every link in the chain is respected and loved — from the tree or plant, to the farmer, to the end customer — can the incense release its true power.

If the plant is harmed during harvest or the people are not fairly compensated for their work, if the natural rhythm of harvest and rest are not respected, then some of the energy we need from the incense gets stripped away.

Now, many years later, I’ve made wonderful friends and discovered beautiful places, always in search of pure, high quality raw materials. Through my quest, I’ve built connections in almost every country in the world.

Although I also import herbs, flowers and woods, my primary focus of raw materials is on resins, particularly frankincense. I’ve been in love with frankincense since childhood, so it’s no wonder that I have the most extensive assortment of frankincense and import varieties that are rather unknown in the western world.

I’ve even written another book, Frankincense, from the research and experience I’ve collected along the way, in collaboration with universities worldwide. Research in the medical field and a new listing of the botanical systematics of frankincense particularly pique my interest at the moment. I look forward to every new chapter along my journey with this enchanting resin.

The meaning of Mothers Goods

There has always been great leadership in my life, and so the name Mothers Goods came all by itself during a coffee with a friend.

We were thinking about what the trading company could be called and while I was thinking about the question, the answer was already as a word in my head: Mothers Goods.

Roughly translated, it means the “goods” or “treasures” of Mother Earth.

It is Mother Earth who gifts us with all her treasures, giving us everything we need to live in unconditional love.

The logo shows a tree with its roots reaching deep down. Above the tree is a star, which for me represents the connection to our Father as well as to Christ.

All our actions should be done under the aspect of love.

What you can expect from us

Our customers from the retail, cosmetics and medical industries value the purest natural raw materials that are fairly traded and sustainably harvested. 

Our promise: premium quality, no overharvesting and fairly paid harvesters. In this way, the natural raw materials can develop their greatest possible power in the sense of man and nature.


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