Jeomra's Incense Sticks
Premium incense sticks "Made in Germany" from 100% natural ingredients. Heavenly fragrance experiences with a powerful energetic
effect on body and mind.
With Jeomra's incense sticks, our claim is to produce the most natural incense sticks in the world!

These unique natural products are made in our manufactory in Heppenheim only from the best, natural ingredients such as resins, woods, barks, spices and essential oils.

We can therefore guarantee an absolutely pure incense pleasure, free of perfume oils, burning aids or other artificial additives.

Use our special incense sticks to deepen your meditations, for relaxation, to accompany your prayers or simply to create a wonderful atmosphere.
Our incense sticks
100% natural, without chemicals, without perfume, without burning aid - purely natural.
Incense Sticks
Frankincense "Hojari"
The incense from Oman is considered the finest incense in the world and has a very good reputation. The incense is harvested every autumn in the Dhofar Mountains. Clear and minty fragrance.
Incense Sticks
Frankincense "Africa"
Our incense sticks from Africa contain three different varieties of incense from Africa (Somalia, Ethiopia & Ogaden). A very balanced and fragrant scent.
Incense Sticks
Frankincense "Maydi"
The Maydi sticks we make with incense from Somaliland. The incense is harvested by hand every year in the rocky mountainous area of northern Somalia. Versatile exotic fragrance.
Incense Sticks
Sandalwood "Mysore"
Probably no fragrance is more often associated with incense than sandalwood, and for good reason: its warm, sweet-woody and balsamic scent gives peace to the mind, promotes relaxation and spirituality, and carries prayers to the gods.
Incense Sticks
Palo Santo
Palo Santo is a sacred helper and a sought-after holy wood in South America for ceremonies and energetic purification. Palo Santo gives off a warm and balsamic scent with a slight vanilla tinge. Palo Santo wood is known for its calming effect.
Incense Sticks
The exotic and herbaceous earthy scent of patchouli captivates us. It is said that patchouli scent stimulates the lower chakras, which is why it is an excellent means to relieve stress, calm hectic thought flows, find more physicality and feel the ground under your feet again.
Incense Sticks
These incense sticks exude a warming, spicy and comforting scent of ground cinnamon bark, cinnamon essential oil, German organic honey and balsamic benzoin resin.
Incense Sticks
Frankincense & Rose
For this incense we have combined the precious scent of rose with sacred incense. Together they form the fragrance of holiness.
Incense Sticks
For this incense, we have combined various oriental resins and balsams, as well as woods and spices to create an intense, warm, sensual fragrance reminiscent of the stories of 1001 Nights.
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