Aromatic Woods
Discover our selection of premium sandalwood & palo santo wood
Aromatic woods belong to the oldest incenses of mankind. The precious woods create a relaxing and grounding scent and carry the natural power of trees and shrubs.

Aromatic woods such as palo santo, cedar wood and sandalwood usually release a slightly milder fragrance than resins.

Fragrant incense woods combine well with resins and herbs in homemade incense blends. Sandalwood in particular is very suitable for incense blends.

Sandalwood is one of the most important incense materials there is. In India it is used for spiritual and healing purposes.

Palo Santo wood has a high resin content and releases a distinct balsamic scent - it is usually always smoked alone.

Wood and roots can be crushed in a mortar to release the aromas and then smoked with charcoal.
Palo Santo from Peru
Sustainably harvested Palo Santo Wood from mature trees that fell naturally
Bursera graveolens
Palo Santo Sticks
Palo Santo has a very nice scent, depending on the age, the part of the tree and the quality in general. It is warm, balsamic and vanilla like. In Peru, Palo Santo has been used for a long time by shamans for their religious ceremonies. This sacred wood is said to enable communication with the gods, bring good luck and protect against negative energies.
Bursera graveolens
Palo Santo cut
The cut Palo Santo Wood has a very nice scent, most of the time more intense than the sticks. It smells warm, balsamic and vanilla like. The cut wood can be used readily in incense blends or burned on coal or in an incense burner. Palo Santo Wood is said to enable communication with the gods, bring good luck and protect against negative energies.
Sandalwood from Indonesia
Authentic Santalum album in different grades
Santalum album
Sandalwood "Mysore"
The highest quality of Santalum album is the Mysore quality: the sandalwood trees have smaller leaves and grow in particularly dry areas. The heartwood of this sandalwood tree is darker and has an intense, warm fragrance.
Santalum album
Sandalwood from old wood - high oil
This sandalwood is harvested from trees that are quite old (at least 40 years) and the heartwood has already formed a high content of essential oils. The sandalwood is harvested only from trees that have died naturally.
Santalum album
Sandalwood from young wood - low oil
This sandalwood is harvested from younger sandalwood trees that have already developed heartwood. Usually the trees are between 5 and 15 years old. It contains less oil than old heartwood or the Mysore quality.
Santalum album
Sandalwood Powder from old heartwood - Balloon Dust
The most sought after sandalwood powder is the Balloon Dust - a very fine powder! When sandalwood is processed, a fine sandalwood dust is produced. This fine powder is collected with cloth bags (Balloon).
Sandalwood from Australia
Santalum spicatum is a nicely fragrant, available and affordable alternative to Santalum album
Santalum spicatum
Sandalwood from Australia
Whereas the Indian sandalwood has the typical warming scent, the sandalwood from Australia smells a bit spicier when used as incense. Our sandalwood from Australia is wildcrafted in western Australia from trees that died naturally. Sandalwood and its oil has been used for religious ceremonies, incense sticks, cosmetics and perfumery. It is also used as medicine and in aromatherapy.
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