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Wildcrafted, organic, fairly traded & sustainably harvested
While the primary focus of our company is frankincense, we also source many more organic and wildcrafted aromatic plants from around the world.

These include myrrh, different copal varieties, siberian cedar resin and others. In addition to resins, we're also proud of our high quality woods, like sandalwood from Indonesia and palo santo wood from Peru

We also carry fragrant herbs like white sage and cedar leaves from the US and sweetgrass from Canada.

All the plants in our catalog are either wildcrafted or certified organic. In most cases we know the detailed procedures of the harvesting process.

We pay the farmers and gatherers fair prices to ensure sustainable harvesting practices and mutually benefical long term trade relationships.

If you are looking for specific raw materials that are not listed here, feel free to contact us.
With our worldwide network of partners we may be able to source specific plants for you.

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