Our frankincense varieties
Discover the largest selection of frankincense in the world
Frankincense is one of the most sacred resins on earth. It has been used historically for religious, ceremonial and medicinal purposes.

Over the course of more than seven years, we have connected with farmers, gatherers, suppliers and researchers to find the best sources of this precious resin.

While we import many other incense aromatics, frankincense holds a very special place in our heart due to its sacred nature.
Boswellia sacra from Oman
This is the most popular frankincense in the world, harvested in the mountainous Dhofar region of Oman.
Boswellia sacra
Royal Hojari / Green Hojari
The greenish, translucent variety is quite rare and is the most precious of the four grades (colors). Around 3 - 5% of a typical harvest consists of this grade. Fresh scent with notes of eucalyptus and mint.
Boswellia sacra
Superior Hojari / White Hojari
The second grade is the “Superior Hojari”, which is whiteish, sometimes with a hint of yellow. This frankincense is far from second rate. Highly recommended for every day use. Lemony scent.
Boswellia sacra
Amber Hojari / Red Hojari
The third grade is the more amber-colored, reddish Oman frankincense, often called “Amber Hojari”. It has a more fruity scent profile and smells more balsamic then the Green & White Hojari.
Boswellia sacra
Dark Hojari / Black Hojari
This frankincense is also called "Mughsayl", named after the coastal town. Grows in the mountains near the coast where there is more humidity. Very rich in essential oils with a strong scent. Fruity & balsamic.
Boswellia sacra
Small tears, various colors
During the sorting process, we collect small tears of all colors: greenish, white, yellow, red and darker pieces. They're very nice to use as standalone incense or as part of incense blends.
Boswellia sacra from Yemen
Similar to the popular frankincense from neighbouring Oman, but less intensively harvested with a sweeter scent.
Boswellia sacra
Royal Frankincense
This green Frankincense is comparable to the Royal Hojari from Oman. The Boswellia sacra from Oman and Yemen are almost identical due to their geographic proxmity. The Trees in Yemen are harvested much more infrequently.
Boswellia sacra
White Frankincense
This white and yellow variety is similar to the Boswellia sacra "Superior Hojari" from Oman. Due to almost identical growing conditions, the resulting resins have many similarities. The Boswellia sacra from Yemen is sweeter due to less harvesting.
Boswellia sacra
Frankincense Mix
The Boswellia sacra Frankincense Mix contains tears with darker colors of reddish and black appearance. Similar to the Black Hojari from Oman, the darker frankincense from Yemen has a sweeter and more balsamic scent profile the white and green grades.
Boswellia socotrana from Socotra
The legendary island of Socotra contains a large reservoir of endemic plants among them very exotic Boswellia species that are exceedingly hard to procure.
Boswellia socotrana
Taliah Frankincense
A very rare frankincense variety that only grows on Socotra. The locals call this resin "Taliah". It is only available in very small quantites. There are laws in Socotra that strictly limit the harvesting of resin for export.
Boswellia carterii from Somalia
Somalia is home to more frankincense species than any other country in the world. The carterii variety is the most well known and used by a lot of Somalis every day.
Boswellia carterii
Aden Selection
This beautiful frankincense consists of the most people tears of the carterii harvest. The large and whiteish / yellow pieces are stunning. Contrary to its name, this frankincense has no connection whatsoever to the coastal city of Aden (Yemen).
Boswellia carterii
Beeyo (Grade #1)
Beeyo is a very popular variety in Somalia and has a balsamic scent profile with strong notes of pine. There are also hints of citrus and amber. We receive Beeyo Mix and sort them in larger (Grade #1) and smaller tears (Grade #2) for our customers.
Boswellia carterii
Mohor (Grade #2)
Mohor has the same scent profile as Beeyo with a deep balsamic note and pine, citrus and amber aromas. We separate the smaller pieces (Mohor) from the larger ones (Beeyo) and offer two grades.
Boswellia carterii
Beeyo Mix (Grade #1 & #2)
The Beeyo Mix has the same same scent profile as Beeyo and Mohor with a deep balsamic note and pine, citrus and amber aromas. The mix consists of larger (Grade #1) and smaller pieces (Grade #2). We offer this unsorted mix to interested customers.
Boswellia carterii
Red Carterii (Grade #3)
The red carterii comes in larger chunks with an interesting reddish color and darker tones. This frankincense is great for distillation, but also for use as incense. Intense citrus aroma with balsamic notes.
Boswellia carterii
Beeyo Hybrid Supergrade (B. carterii/sacra)
This special frankincense is harvested in the eastern Bari region during the summer season. It is labeled as "Supergrade" because of its very light color. The scent profile is not typical for B. carterii, but reminiscent of the B. sacra from Oman.
Boswellia frereana from Somalia
Maydi Frankincense is called "The King of Frankincense". The long tears, golden color and difficult harvest in rocky terrain make it an exceptional treasure.
Boswellia frereana
Maydi Mushaad - Grade #1
Alle the Maydi Grades have the same amazing scent profile with its fruity, balsamic notes and hints of pine, musk and pepper. Grade #1 are the largest pieces with the signature golden color and striations.
Boswellia frereana
Maydi Mujaarwal - Grade #2
The second Grade in our Maydi selection is called "Mujarwal" or "Mujarwaal". This grade is the same quality Boswellia frereana as Grade #1, but with somewhat smaller tears.
Boswellia frereana
Maydi Fas Kabir - Grade #3
The third grade of the Maydi Frankincenses consists of approximately pea-sized pieces. A convenient size for using with a frankincense burner or as part of incense blends.
Boswellia frereana
Maydi Fas Sakir Grade #4
Maydi Fas Sakir is the smallest size B. frereana Frankincense and consists of mostly frankincense powder and very small pieces.
Boswellia occulta from Somalia
This species is usually harvested toegether with B. carterii, but has very much a character of its own. With the help of our local partners we have been able to harvest B. occulta by itself for the first time and offer it commercially.
Boswellia occulta
Frankincense "Sanaag" Grade #1 & #2
As far as we know, no other frankincense vendor has ever been able to offer B. occulta commercially. This is a rare treat and frankincense enthusiasts all around the world can rejoice. Boswellia occulta has a similar balsamic scent profile as the classic Boswellia carterii, but is dominated by a very strong bitter scent and taste, due to the content of methyl ethers. Grade #1 & #2 combines smaller and medium sized tears.
Boswellia occulta
Frankincense "Sanaag" Grade #3
In addition to the smaller and medium sized tears of Grade #1 & #2, we also offer larger and darker pieces as Grade #3. Most of the pieces are darker in color. This grade also includes quite a bit of bark. The scent is intense.
Boswellia serrata from India
A frankincense mostly known for medicinal use in the form of frankincense extracts.
Boswellia serrata
Frankincense "Shallaki"
The Boswellia serrata Frankincense species is widespread in India and called "Shallaki". The tears are yellow to orange in color, similar to the african Boswellia carterii, though usually darker and less transparent. The scent profile is balsamic and spicy. Boswellia serrata is well researched clinically and has been used in ayurvedic medicine as a healing therapeutic for centuries.
Boswellia papyrifera from Ethiopia & Sudan
The most well-known frankincense, sold widely to companies and churches around the world
Boswellia papyrifera
Frankincense Ethopia Grade #1
A very popular incense that is quite affordable in price. There can be problems with overharvesting in Ethiopia due to high demand. The pieces of Grade #1 are mostly medium-sized. They are light golden in color and have a balsamic scent like B. carterii, but with bitter and spicy notes that bring to mind pepper and orange peel.
Boswellia papyrifera
Frankincense Sudan Supergrade
This Frankincense is harvested in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan. Due to the unique climatic nature of the region, the scent of this B. papyrifera is very intense and juicy with strong notes of orange. Frankincense is not a primary export of Sudan and overharvesting is not an issue.
Boswellia dalziellii from Nigeria, Burkina Faso & Senegal
A lesser known, but very powerful frankincense species with record breaking levels of essential oils, medicinal boswellic acids and an amazing scent.
Boswellia dalzielli
Frankincense "Harrabi" Grade #1 (Nigeria)
The "Harrabi" Frankincense from Nigeria is quite unknown and infrequently harvested. The tears are large, with an intense greenish translucent color. The taste and scent is fruity, lemony with refreshing notes of peppermint and camphor. It is available in larger quantities than the varieties from Burkina Faso and Senegal.
Boswellia dalzielli
Frankincense "Harrabi" Grade #2 (Nigeria)
The "Harrabi" shipments from Nigeria arrive with larger and smaller pieces mixed toegether. We separate them into two grades with an automatic sorting machine. Grade #2 has the same color and scent profile as Grade #1. The difference is solely in size.
Boswellia dalzielli
Frankincense "Janawhi" (Burkina Faso)
This Frankincense is quite rare and not available in large quantities. The harvest from Burkina Faso is not sorted and consists of smaller and larger pieces. The color spectrum ranges from white to yellow and greenish. The scent is more balsamic and fruity than the minty and camphor like B. dalzielli from Nigeria.
Boswellia dalzielli
Frankincense Senegal
In Senegal, similar to Nigeria and Burkina Faso, Frankincense is not harvested commercially on a significant and systematic scale. The tears are small to medium size with some powder. Bark is also present. The color ranges from yellow to orange and red.
Boswellia neglecta from Ogaden
Exotic, dark and mysterious Frankincense
Boswellia neglecta
Beeyo Madow dark
The Beeyo Madow frankincense consists of large chunks, some of which can be moist and sticky inside. This variety is very similar to the Dakkara frankincense (Boswellia neglecta) from Kenya in its morphological characteristics and scent profile. It is possible that the trees are of the same species growing in different countries.
Boswellia neglecta
Frankincense "Muqlo"
Muqlo is beautiful frankincense that forms round tears when the tree is naturally injured. It is mostly dark in color. The scent is very spicy, earthy, but also a bit sweet, herbaceous and balsamic. It has a grounding and calming effect and clears the space.
Boswellia rivae from Ogaden
Exotic, dark and mysterious Frankincense
Boswellia rivae
Frankincense "Mirafur"
This Frankincense is called "Mirafur" and has a very high essential oil content with a intense and complex smell. It's an earthy, grounding scent with a certain sweetness. Could be called "sweet frankincense". The Frankincense is hand sorted by the locals and consistst of medium to large pieces.
Boswellia rivae
Honey Frankincense
This is a frankincense blend that gives off a honey-sweet scent when used as incense. It consists of resins from three to four different trees that are harvested together, mostly "Mirafur", "Muqlo" and "Gunro". The scent is very delicious, almost a little sweet, thus the name.
Boswellia neglecta from Kenya
A dark and mysterious frankincense that gives off an incomparable scent
Boswellia neglecta
"Dakkara" Frankincense
We source this rather unknown "Dakkara" frankincense from the Samburu people of Kenya. The tree produces a light resin when harvested and also a dark color resin when the tree has been injured by insects. We offer the dark variety. It's sticky on the inside and exudes an intense, spicy, almost camphor-like scent. it has a calming and cleansing effect.
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