Our frankincense varieties
Discover the largest selection of frankincense in the world
Frankincense is one of the most sacred resins on earth. It has been used historically for religious, ceremonial and medicinal purposes.

Over the course of more than seven years, we have connected with farmers, gatherers, suppliers and researchers to find the best sources of this precious resin.

While we import many other incense aromatics, frankincense holds a very special place in our heart due to its sacred nature.
Boswellia socotrana from Socotra
The legendary island of Socotra contains a large reservoir of endemic plants among them very exotic Boswellia species that are exceedingly hard to procure.
Boswellia carterii from Somalia
Somalia is home to more frankincense species than any other country in the world. The carterii variety is the most well known and used by a lot of Somalis every day.
Boswellia dalziellii from Nigeria, Burkina Faso & Senegal
A lesser known, but very powerful frankincense species with record breaking levels of essential oils, medicinal boswellic acids and an amazing scent.
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