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Resins are natural exudates of trees. External stimuli cause the resin to reach the bark surface through so-called "resin channels". Depending on the plant family, the resins differ in scent, shape, color and size. Mostly they are yellowish to brown and are secreted in the form of drops, tears or stalactites. More liquid resins that have a consistency like maple syrup are called "balsams".

When used as incense, the resins become liquid and burn, releasing their fragrance and active ingredients. Resins are composed of concentrated essential oils and therefore release a more intense fragrance than other incense materials such as roots, herbs and flowers.

The best known of all resins are certainly frankincense and myrrh, which have been used for centuries in incense rituals and worship in the Orient and also in our church. In Mesoamerica, the various varieties of copal have been used since time immemorial and take on the role of incense.

In Europe, too, there is a whole range of interesting and valuable native resins, such as spruce and pine resin. Resins and balsams have been used for incense since the dawn of mankind, according to archaeological excavations from the Stone Age.
Resins from Iran
Truly exotic resins with strong aromatic character
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