Boswellia occulta
Boswellia occulta from Somalia
Boswellia occulta is a Mothers Goods exclusive. It was never offered by any vendor before.

We sort and grade the occulta in the following manner:

  1. Grade #1 & #2 mixed - small and medium tears
  2. Grade #3: larger & darker pieces, more bark

Latin name: Boswellia occulta

Harvest location: Somalia

Scent: citrus notes, bitter notes, intense
The Boswellia occulta incense is a new and exclusive addition to our extensive catalog of Boswellia species. This resin has been harvested for thousands of years. Anyone who has ever used the regular incense from Somalia (Boswellia carterii) has most likely come into contact with the Boswellia occulta incense.

When the harvest season begins in Somalia, many thousands of trees are harvested, including the Boswellia occulta trees. But the occulta incense is mixed together with the carterii incense and then cleaned in the two large sorting plants in Somalia, eventually ending up in our hands.
Our botanist examined the frankincense trees in more detail on site and noticed that the trees look somewhat different than the regular Boswellia carterii trees. She gave those types of trees the name Boswellia occulta. Georg and the team from Mothers Goods then did everything so that our farmers and gatherers harvested this special frankincense separately.

Now, what is so different about this Boswellia occulta? This question is answered immediately when you use it as incense or taste it: It is very bitter. This is due to the methyl ethers, which are found in large numbers only in Boswellis occulta and in no other incense.
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