Boswellia papyrifera
Boswellia papyrifera from Ethiopia
This is a popular variety due to it’s favorable price. It is especially well-liked by churches and retailers. Most people associate the typical scent of Frankincense with Boswellia papyrifera.

Available in two grades:
1. Larger Pieces
2. Smaller pieces (pea-size)

Botanical name: Boswellia papyrifera

Place of Harvest: Ethiopia

Scent: Typical Frankincense scent with savory and sweet notes
The frankincense tree Boswellia papyrifera can be found in Ethiopia, as well as Eritrea, Chad, Cameroon and Sudan.

The distribution is even more wide-reaching, but the harvest is primarily sourced from these countries.

Due to its low price, this frankincense is very popular for further processing, particularly for use in incense blends and scented frankincense.

Churches are generally interested in the Boswellia papyrifera variety as well.