Boswellia rivae
"Mirafur" Frankincense (Boswellia rivae)
The frankincense of the Boswellia rivae trees is relatively unknown, but it’s gaining attention thanks to the high content of boswellic acids.

This variety is also coveted in the oil and perfume industries, because it’s particularly high in essential oils.

Botanical name: Boswellia rivae

Place of harvest: Ogaden

Scent: dark, sweet, balsamic
"Honey Frankincense" (Boswellia rivae)
The name "Honey Frankincense" incense was coined by Georg Huber, because this frankincense blend gives off a honey-sweet scent when smoked. This is incense from three to four different trees that are harvested together, mostly "Mirafur", "Muqlo" and "Gunro".

The scent is very delicious, almost a little sweet, thus the name. This frankincense burns with the typical frankincense scent, but also develops a sweet and spicy notes, similar to that of fir trees.

Botanical name: Boswellia rivae

Place of harvest: Ogaden

Scent: sweet, spicy
Ogaden is a region between Somalia and Ethiopia; politically, the region belongs to Ethiopia, but it is inhabited primarily by Somalis.

This region has a large number of frankincense and myrrh trees, and it is nearly impossible to distinguish which resin comes from which tree.

There are five or six different frankincense trees in Ogaden; two of the species have never been harvested individually, but rather the frankincense from these trees is mixed together before being sold like our "Honey Frankincense".

We import two dark types of frankincense from Ogaden, both presumably belonging to the botanical group Boswellia neglecta, although we can’t be entirely certain.
They come from different harvesting areas, but share many similarities. Nevertheless, we consider it impossible that they are the same frankincense because the shape, scent and texture are very distinguishable.

The Muqlo frankincense is absolutely beautiful, forming very round tears when the tree is naturally injured. The aroma of the Muqlo frankincense (also called "Cabraro") is very spicy, but also a bit sweet, herbaceous and balsamic.

The Beeyo Madow frankincense, on the other hand, consists of large chunks, some of which can be very sticky inside. This variety is very similar to the Boswellia neglecta from Kenya, which is why we suspect the trees are the same species growing in different countries. The scent profile is very similar specifically to that of the Dakkara Boswellia neglecta from Kenya.
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