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About Mothers Goods

Mothers Goods is your partner for sustainably harvested botanicals of the highest quality.

For nearly a decade, we’ve been sourcing raw materials from all over the world.

We import directly without intermediaries and pride ourselves on maintaining excellent

relationships with our trusted suppliers, farmers and customers.

Our international customer base appreciates the depth of our expertise and our focus on fair and sustainable harvesting practices.

Our full range of products

Discover our catalog of sustainably harvested premium botanicals from many different countries
Discover the largest Frankincense selection on the planet. We offer all the well known and the lesser known Boswellia species. Our catalog currently features more than 20 different varietes.
Although we love Frankincense very much, we're also big fans of the lovely resins from the Commiphora species. The bitter and earthy scents are very grounding and have potent medicinal qualities.
Besides the king (Frankincense) and the queen (Myrrh) of aromatic resins, we also developed a passion for various copal varieties, siberian cedar resin, mastic gum, guggul and dragon's blood.
We carry a select number of warming and grounding aromatic woods and barks like Palo Santo Wood, different qualities of Indonesian Sandalwood, Australian Sandalwood and the fascinating Bushman's Candle from Namibia.
We use aromatic herbs as incense and also for the distilling of essential oils. They also feature abundantly in our incense blends. Herbs have refreshing, deodorizing & disinfecting qualities and are an important part of the incense craft.
Incense blends
In the last seven years, we have created a unique assortment of premium quality incense blends. Each blend has a specific theme like cleansing, relaxation, love, harmony and fortune. Our incense blends are crafted using the highest quality ingredients.
We love our customers
We are happy to support businesses of any size. From small retailers to large manufacturer, we're the right partner for you.
Retail & Online Stores
We count several dozen customers in the B2C space. Among them retail stores, online shops, eBay merchants and Amazon sellers.
We supply B2C and B2B distributors in the EU and overseas. Distributors appreciate our deep expertise in the area of Frankincense & resins.
Perfume Industry
Frankincense and other resins are popular ingredients for high quality perfumes. Perfumers usually distill our resins to make essential oils.
Supplement Companies
Frankincense has become an important nutraceutical lately, as research has discovered its powerful health promoting properties.
Cosmetic Manufacturers
The nourishing, calming and rejuvenating properties of Frankincense and its oil on the skin have been well known for centuries and are now rediscovered.
We are honored to serve, among others, catholic and orthodox churches with our committment to the highest quality Frankincense available today.
Sourcing the best for you - from around the world
We have cultivated robust relationships and even friendships with the valuable suppliers, farmers and harvesters that make our business possible.
  • Somalia
    Ogaden & Somaliland are our most important sources of several different species of Frankincense and Myrrh, namely Boswellia carterii, Boswellia frereana and Commiphora myrrha.
  • Oman
    Oman is the home of the legendary "Royal Hojari" and "Superior Hojari" Frankincense (Boswellia sacra). The trees are carefully harvested in the Dhofar mountain range, near Salalah.
  • India
    The abundant lands of India are the home of hundreds of different plant species. We are honored to import the native Boswellia serrata Frankincense, ayurvedic Camphor, Guggul and more.
  • Nigeria
    Nigeria isn't very well known as a Frankincense producing country. However, the Boswellia dalzielli Frankincense growing in the country is an aromatic and medicinal gem of the highest order.
  • Peru
    Peru has three different climatic zones and is home to a vast reservoir of plants. We're happy to offer the amazingly fragrant Palo Santo wood and resin, Copal and other rare botanicals from Peru.
  • Indonesia
    Indonesia is the new home of high-quality sandalwood of the Santalum album species. We're grateful to be working with an exclusive vendor for sourcing all grades up to "Mysore Quality".
  • Mexico
    We are sourcing some of the most fragrant plants of the Busera family from the fertile grounds of Mexico, namely Copal negro, Copal blanco and Copal oro. We call these the "Frankincense of Mesoamerica".
  • Namibia
    The spectacular ecosystems of Namibia produce an array of exotic plants. We are buying the seductive Omumbiri myrrh and also a fragrant bark called "Bushmans candle" from the Himba people.
Our values
We have established six important core principles that make us unique and define our work every day.
  • 1
    Unique Selection
    After more than seven years of hard work we have managed to build up the largest selection of Frankincense species in the world. Our extensive catalog features every major and exotic variety from all the Frankincense producing countries.
  • 2
    Premium Quality
    We carfefully examine all shipments before offering them for sale to our customers. We break down, clean, sort and grade the materials by hand, if needed. It is our conviction that our quality will match or exceed your expectations.
  • 3
    Deep Expertise
    Georg Huber is one of the foremost experts in the Frankincense trade. As an author with several publications about the topic, he has built countless relationships within the industry and is well known as the premier vendor in the space.
  • 4
    Competitive Pricing
    We pay a premium to our farmers, gatherers and suppliers to compensate them fairly. We're still able to offer competitive pricing. We do this with low overhead, smart warehousing and favorable shipping contracts.
  • 5
    Sustainable Harvesting
    We take great pride in knowing that our farmers and harvesters follow sustainable harvesting practices. As an example: Frankincense should only be harvested every second year to avoid negatively affecting the health of the trees.
  • 6
    Fair Trade
    We're working with small farmers and compensate them fairly for their work. This creates healthy communities and long term trade relationships on a win-win basis. This has also secured us valuable exclusive partnerships with our suppliers.
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    About Mothers Goods
    We love Frankincense, Myrrh and all the sacred plants Mother Earth has to offer
    Georg Huber - Father, Healer, Author & Frankincense Expert
    The person behind Mothersgoods is the author Georg Huber. He has published several books about Frankincense, Incense and energetic cleansing & healing.

    Georg was born in 1982 and lives with his family in the "Bergstrasse" Region of Germany near Frankfurt.

    In his youth, Georg Huber began to deal with the topic of healing and transformation due to his own severe strokes of fate and illnesses in childhood.

    Georg Huber first began importing Frankincense and other sacred resins to create powerful incense blends for energetic cleansing, after writing a bestseller about the topic.

    Over many years Georg developed friendships and trade relationships with numerous farmers, gatherers and vendors from all over the world. We currently import resins directly more than a dozen countries.

    The focus of our company is fair trade, long-term realationship and sustainable farming practices. Mothers Goods is a constantly expanding venture and the team has quickly grown from one person to over ten employees in less than three years.
    God's blessing to you and to all the trees and
    peoples of this earth.
    — Georg Huber
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