Opoponax "HAdi"
Commiphora guidotti
Commiphora guidotti from Somalia
Opoponax, like myrrh belongs to the genus Commiphora.

Other names: Bisabol, Commiphora holtziana, sweet myrrh.

Latin name: Commiphora myrrha

Harvest location: Somalia

Scent: earthy, balsamic, sweetish, slightly fruity,
Opoponax, like myrrh and numerous other resins, belongs to the genus Commiphora.

Where the name Opoponax comes from is a mystery. Opoponace is Latin for "opponent" and perhaps the name is intended to clarify the "competition" with myrrh.

Opoponax is in fact also often called "sweet myrrh" (but the epithet is also borne by the guggul), because the resin basically carries fragrance properties that are typical "Commiphora", but while, for example, the real myrrh is very bitter in the fragrance profile, the Opoponax resin actually has some sweetness.
Also, the name Opoponax is not so clear-cut, because two species of Commiphora are sold on the market as Opoponax: Commiphora guidotti and Commiphra erythraea.

To make the subdivision easy, our Opoponax is nicknamed "Hadi", because that is what the tree is called in Somalia.