Commiphora ornifolia
Commiphora ornifolia from Socotra
In addition to frankincense, myrrh was a sacred resin presented to the newborn baby Jesus. Myrrh is popular for use in industry, medicine and incense.

Latin name: Commiphora ornifolia

Harvest location: Socotra

Scent: balsamic, bitter, spicy
Another rarity has found its way into our warehouse: The Aksha Myrrh from Socotra. A very gentle and pleasant myrrh.

The resin could not be more different, it has the typical myrrh coloring, but we also find quite reddish tears and even white. Unfortunately, we have not found any information about the myrrh at all. We only know from the harvesters on Socotra that this myrrh is mainly used as medicine. The locals put the myrrh in warm water and then drink it for digestive problems. Also, this myrrh is popularly used as a fixative in the perfume industry.
Botanically, there are hints that this myrrh is not myrrh at all, but we completely rule that out. We've seen pictures and videos of the harvest, and the resin itself is just perfectly typical Commiphora.

In terms of scent profile, this myrrh oscillates between the normal bitter Commiphora myrrhaein and the Kua myrrh, which is also native to Socotra.
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