Commiphora Wildii
Commiphora wildii from Namibia
In addition to frankincense, myrrh was a sacred resin presented to the newborn baby Jesus. Myrrh is popular for use in industry, medicine and incense.

Other names: Omumbiri

Latin name: Commiphora wildii

Harvest location: Namibia

Scent: balsamic, sweet, spicy
The genus of myrrh, also called Commiphora, is very rich in species. These are plants that produce flowers. The plant family is called Burseraceae. This is also known as the incense plant family. There are about 190 species in it, including shrubs and trees. These are found in the tropical and subtropical regions of Africa, on the islands in the West Indian Ocean, in the Arab world, in India and Vietnam. The plants tolerate drought and dryness well.


The special species Omumbiri thrives exclusively in Namibia. Omumbiri myrrh comes from a flat, richly branched bush that exudes the valuable substance in the form of a resin. Mostly women collect this resin. At first, the pieces are of different sizes and sometimes they stick together. The color of the substance can be light yellow to orange, or amber and even dark red. Usually the lighter pieces have a fresher scent. When dried, they crumble more easily. The resin pieces of darker color are deeper and more varied in their aroma. Often there are several scents in them.

Among the Himba, a native nomadic people, this plant is used mainly as a dispenser of the noble fragrance for perfuming. For this purpose, the omumbiri is powdered with red-brown ocher. In this way, a body powder is obtained. Alternatively, omumbiri is mixed with cow lard to make a paste. The Himba also use this for body care. It is not only about the pleasant scent, but also a protection against the glaring sunlight and mosquitoes.
Women habitually fumigate themselves with omumbiri. There are other delightful varieties of myrrh from Namibia, namely Omumbungu and Omumgorwa.

The Himba are people who artfully paint their bodies with red color and know distinctive hairstyles. They generally possess a sublime, very calm aura.

Omumbiri: Namibian myrrh being smoked

The scent of Namibian myrrh when smoked is tart and woody, enveloping us in a balsamic and light scent. Sometimes a light resinous, spicy and fruity note wafts around us. Also a sweetish scent that reminds as forest is possible. Many fans of smoking find the aroma very pleasant. The smoke is mainly used for atmospheric purification. In addition, a slightly grounding effect is known.

Omumbiri is said to increase fertility, strengthen people and help against vermin. Furthermore, this incense is used to dissolve against witchcraft, spells, curses and imprecations. It can be used for daily incense, also as an offering or a request for fertility. The scent represents vastness and is a symbol of inspiration. Myrrh from Namibia has a balancing effect and improves mood. It also opens us up, calms us down and stimulates our thoughts and creativity. The ability to concentrate increases and we undertake a deep look into the inner space. Therefore, this smoke is well suited for meditations. Prayers, contemplation or a period of rest also benefit from Omumbiri.
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