Asafoetida from Iran
The aroma of Asafoetida is very sharp, pungent, sulfuric, somehow smelling of garlic and onions. The profile of essential oils is very complex and rich. It can be used in the kitchen as a spice. Asafoetida is also known to have great power to ward off negative energies.

Latin name: Ferula asafoetida

Harvest location: Iran

Scent: strong, sulfurous, garlic & onion smell
Asafoetida (Ferula asafoetida), as well as other resins of the genus Ferula (plug herbs), belong to those resins that many first have to turn up their noses at. The aroma is very sharp, pungent, sulfuric, somehow smelling of garlic and onions.

This extreme aroma also spreads when smoked, but something warm and sweet also resonates in parts. To get pure asafoetida is not so easy, because mostly asafoetida is mixed with bark horn clover seeds or also with rice flour or gum arabic. By the way, there are different asafoetida resins with different scent profile and appearance. We import the "sweet" asafoetida, which is a bit more expensive, but not as bitter as the other varieties.
Botanically, Asafoetida belongs to the umbelliferae family, which also includes some native herbs. What almost all plants in this family share is their complexity of essential oils. The fragrance profile of Asafoetida is also very extensive and rich, but not everyone can tolerate this particular aroma. Most people are familiar with asafoetida from the supermarket, as it is popularly used as a spice for digestion. In that case, the asafoetida is also known as asant and is usually offered mixed with seeds as a powder.

However, among those who have already gained some experience with incense, asafoetida is also known. It is said to have the greatest power to ward off demonic energies. When burned, it is said to create a spell and protection so strong that the devil himself cannot break through it.
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