Copal Blanco
Copal blanco from Mexico
True white copal harvested by indigenous farmers from Mexico.

Other names: Palo di Copal, Copal blanco, Protium Copal, Copal prieto.

Latin name: Bursera bipinnata

Harvest location: Mexico

Scent: lemony, woody, sweet
Georg uses this white copal for his incense blend "Energetic House Cleansing", but the copal can also be used as incense very well alone.

In South America, this copal is revered, similar to how frankincense is revered in europe and the middle east.
Due to its strong, illuminating energy, the white copal is an important raw material for incense rituals.

A special scent experience is obtained when the white copal is used on an incense burner instead of on a coal.