Copal Negro
Copal negro from Mexico
In recent months we have imported several varieties of Copal from South America, this one is currently still a mystery.

Other names: Palo di Copal, Copal blanco, Protium Copal, Copal prieto.

Latin name: Bursera bipinnata

Harvest location: Mexico

Scent: balsamic, sweet, dark, earthy, mystical
According to our supplier from Mexico, this is a resin that comes from the same tree as the Copal blanco (Bursera bipinnata/heteresthes). The differences in coloration (dark) and fragrance are purely due to a different harvest.

While the Copal blanco is obtained by incisions in the tree, the darker resin is said to come from natural injuries of the tree.
Through natural influences, but also injuries from animals and insects, the tree gives off a resin that then hardens and discolors over months at the site of injury. At the end of the year for the day of the dead (Dia De Los Muertos), the dark resin is then collected from the tree.

The resin consists of both larger, sticky pieces and powder.
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