Copal Negro
Copal negro "Saumerio" from Peru
This black copal from Peru releases a fantastic scent. It is the most important incense in peru and used for a variety of purposes like religious ceremonies, healing rituals and more.

Other names: Saumerio, Black copal, Protium copal

Latin name: Dacryodes peruviana

Harvest location: Peru

Scent: earthy, balsamic, warm, spicy, resinous
The term "copal" is a collective term for resins from trees of the Bursera family.

In Peru, this resin is called "Saumerio", derived from the Spanish word "sahumar" for incense.
Saumerio is the most important resin in Peru and is used for religious purposes (offerings), healing ceremonies and for purification rituals.

Saumerio is rich in essential oils and releases an intense fragrance that lasts for a long time.