Dragon's Blood
Dragon's Blood from Socotra
Dragon’s Blood resin is a legendary substance that has been used medicinally and as incense for thousands of years. It’s derived from the striking Dracaeana cinnabari tree.

Latin name: Dracaeana cinnabari

Harvest location: Socotra

Scent: dark, tart, spicy, burnt, rubbery
Dragon’s Blood is not an actual plant, but the name of a resin or resin mixture obtained primarily from the palm family. The resin harvested from the real dragon’s blood tree (Dracaeana cinnabari), which only grows on Socotra, is rarer and all the more valuable.

We import direct from Socotra.

The history of Dragon’s Blood

Dragon’s Blood has long been the subject of myths, legends and religious rituals. According to legend, boundless power emanates from this special resin. It’s also been attributed with magical powers.

In ancient medicine, Dragon’s Blood was applied externally as an antiseptic on wounds and as a remedy for scurvy. Internally, this mystical resin was used to cure diarrhea and respiratory diseases. It was also used to embalm the deceased.
Pliny the elder names Dragon’s Blood as an ingredient in an ancient ointment, which was used both medicinally and cosmetically. Dragon’s Blood has also been used as incense since antiquity.

Dragon’s Blood as incense

The Quiché Maya tribe of Guatemala used Dragon’s Blood as incense in sacrificial rituals to appease the gods. It has also been used as a protective incense for many years.

Dragon’s Blood is suitable as a binder or reinforcing agent in incense blends for purification. Incense used in churches also often contains the resin. Its scent is dark and tart, reminiscent of rubber. It is said to strengthen and stimulate the personality and willpower.

Dragon’s Blood mixes well with other incense components, such as clove, patchouli, sandalwood, cedar and frankincense.
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