Galbanum from Iran
Galbanum is not a very well-known incense, but surprises with a warm, balsamic and caramel like scent. It is used as a fixative in perfumery and also for its medicinal qualities. It was and is used in Persia for its anti-inflammatory effect and for pain relief in the form of salves or internally.

Latin name: ferula gummosa, f. galbanflua, f. erubescens, f. rubricaulis

Harvest location: Iran

Duft: warm, like caramel, balsamic, fresh
Galbanum is a surprising resin: We found Galbanum very curious at first, but when we burned it, our opinion quickly changed.

Originating from the Levant (eastern Mediterranean, Afghanistan, Arabia), the resin of the stalk plants native there consists of their milk sap dried in the air - this also explains the origin of the name of the resin (Greek: chalbàne - milk, mucus, gum). The resin occurs in tear, or lump form, as well as "mass", or "cake".

In Persia also known as "Barijeh", it is imported from there to Europe, where it has been used for centuries as a medicinal drug. Ingested or applied as an ointment, it has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antispasmodic and anti-flatulent effects.
Also known as "mother resin", it has long been used as a "mother patch" to treat so-called "women's diseases", because it also has menstrual properties.


The resin remains mysterious, even in its effects. Three employees participated in the incense burning process, and yet the resin has a different effect on each of them. One effect that we all clearly perceived, however, is that the smoke is electrifying and warming, flowing through the entire aura, including the body. It has, cleansing and healing properties, very strong even and disharmonies are brought back into order. For me, it also has a very strong healing and ordering effect on the astral plane and the other spiritual bodies.
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