Siberian Larch resin
Larch resin from Siberia
Another treasure from Siberia: Wildcrated larch resin.

Notice: Our resins from Siberia are not completely clean, so it is possible to find pieces of bark in the resin.

Cultivation: Wildcrafted

Latin name: Larix sibirica

Harvest location: Siberia

Scent: earthy, woody
Besides the cedar and spruce resins, we now also import larch resin from Siberia.

Larch resin comes mainly from the Alpine region (but in our case from Siberia) and is rather known for its use in medicine and industry.

Yes, it certainly sounds strange, but turpentine is extracted from larch resin and turpentine comes has numerous applications: From wood processing to the paint industry.
Medicinally, larch resin is used in ointments (pitch ointment), because the resin is an excellent wound healer: The essential oils and other terpenes in the resin have a strong antibacterial effect and support wound healing. Also, its antispasmodic and expectorant properties are still valued to some extent in traditional medicine.

When used as incense it also unfolds its cleansing and protective power. Harmful energies are dissolved from the aura and the aura is protected from external influences. It also helps us to let go and release our own dramas and hurt feelings.
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