Mastic gum
Mastic gum
The most well-known mastic gum is from the greek island of Chios. But the persian mastic gum is an interesting alternative that is more affordable. The resin comes in smal pieces and smells fresh, lemony and spicy. We can assume that the iranian mastic gum has similar medicinal properties as the greek variety with it's soothing and anti-inflammatory effects.

Botanical name: Pistacia terebinthus

Harvest location: Persia

Scent: lemony, fresh, nutty
In search of a source for mastic, we purchased some raw materials in Iran. Among them was a species of mastic botanically called Pistacia terebinthus, which means turpentine pistachio.

We did a little research, because the resin traded as mastic Iran in Germany is called Pistacia lenticus, although this mastic is apparently found exclusively in Greece. Other names are also Pistacia vera.
Since there are different Pistacia plants that are harvested, it appears that this persian mastic may simply come from a different pistachio bush. We are doing further research.

The relationship of this Iranian mastic to the mastic from Greece is clear, although the resins look different and have different scents. Since the Chios mastic is incredibly expensive, this mastic from Iran could be an alternative.
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