Siberian Spruce resin
Picea obovata
Spruce resin from Siberia
Wildcrafted spruce resin from Siberia. Carefully gathered by hand. Great earthy and grounding scent.

Latin name: Picea obovata

Harvest location: Siberia

Scent: strong, green, earthy, woody, mossy
The resins of the conifers have a strong earthy scent and were used for incense in early times because the coniferous wood contains a lot of resin. The exact rituals and medicinal uses of that time have not been handed down; but we do know that people at that time were highly knowledgeable about the effects of conifers.

In the Middle Ages, the resin was added to healing ointments, salves and medicinal incenses. It was believed that the spruce was inhabited by a maternal, feminine and protective tree spirit, in whom one could safely confide.

The spruce in modern times

However, the spruce also has significance in modern times: as late as the 19th century, it was used as a replacement for the very expensive frankincense.

Old books on the subject of herbs bear witness to the fact that people tried to refine spruce resin by placing it on an anthill for a certain period of time. The reason is that the formic acid starts chemical processes that have a positive effect on the resin.
Using spruce resin as incense

Spruce resin has also been used for incense for a long time. It was used as a remedy for mucous in the respiratory tract, skin rashes and rheumatism. It was also used against germs and to disinfect the air in rooms. Spruce resin gives off a stronger scent than fir resin, but without the fresh, citrusy note of fir.

In ancient times - before frankincense was known and available - spruce incense was used to avoid disturbing influences and to find an inner balance.

The spruce resin should be dried well before using it as incense.

Spruce resin offers a strong and green note, reminiscent of the forest, and is said to increase strength, vitality and have a restorative effect. In addition, the spruce resin is said to surface old emotions, which can then heal. It makes the mind clear and free, supports the ability to concentrate, purifies and protects. It can also expand the chest cavity and the heart.
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