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Our frankincense varieties

Frankincense is one of the most sacred resins on earth.

And at Mothers Goods, we likely have the largest range of natural frankincense available.

While we import many other incense substances, frankincense holds a special place in our hearts.

Boswellia sacra from Oman

Royal Hojari Oman

Superior Hojari Oman

Amber Hojari Oman

Black Hojari Oman

Boswellia sacra from Yemen

Royal Frankincense

Black Frankincense

Boswellia carterii from Somalia

Aden Frankincense

Frankincense Somalia - G. 1

Frankincense Somalia - G. 2

Boswellia frereana from Somalia

Maydi G. 1 Somaliland

Maydi G. 2 Somaliland

Maydi G. 3 Somaliland

Maydi G. 4 Somaliland

Boswellia neglecta from Kenia

Boswellia neglecta from Ogaden

Dakkara Frankincense Kenia

White Frankincense Kenia

Muqlo Frankincense Ogaden

Beeyo Madow Ogaden

Boswellia rivae from Ogaden

Mirafur Frankincense Gr 1

Mirafur Frankincense Gr 2

Honey Frankincense B. neglecta/rivae

Boswellia papyrifera from Ethiopia

Boswellia papyrifera from Sudan

Frankincense Ethiopia Gr 1

Frankincense Sudan Supergrade

Boswellia serrata from India

Frankincense India Gr 1

Boswellia dalzielii from Nigeria

Boswellia dalzielii from Burkina

Frankincense Nigeria Gr 1

Frankincense Nigeria Gr 2

Frankincense Burkina Mix

Boswellia socotrana from Socotra

Boswellia ameero from Socotra

Frankincense socotrana

Frankincense Ameero


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